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Jonathan Kwok Hanshi ( 8 Dan )

Started martial arts training in 1966 at the age of 14 in Hung Kar style of Chinese kung fu.In 1970, started training in Shotokan Karate with KUGB organization in England, and has been teaching karate since 1973.Was appointed Chief Instructor of South-East Asia by Kanazawa Soke from 1988-1995. Traveled extensively, teaching karate in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines, Australia, and the United States. Presently holding 8thDan in Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation.

1971 2nd Place–Team Kumite in West England karate Championship in Exeter, England
1984 1st Place–Team Kata in Traditional Karate Tournament in Las Vegas, Nev.,USA
1984 1st Place–Individual Kumite in USKI, Invitational Karate Tournament in Pomoma, Calif.,USA
1985 1st Place–Individual Kumite and Kata in Hong Kong and Macau Championship in Hong Kong, China 1994 3rd Place–Individual Kumite, Veteran group in the SKIF World Championship in Yokohama, Japan. 1993 Head coach for Hong Kong team in the 1st AUKO Karate Championships inTaipei, Taiwan. 1988-1995 Chief Instructor of Southeast Asia
1991-1995 General Secretary of SKIF Yudansha-Kai
1993-1995 General Secretary of Hong Kong Amateur Karate Association

In early 2000 by order of Kanazawa Soke he became SKI-US Federation Chief Instructor.