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In the Ring vs. On the Turf

Basic Techniques & Karate-Do Of all the stresses in life, nothing really compares to the anxiety level experienced in a “fight or flight??? encounter like a street fight. It is common knowledge that there is a world of difference between tournament competition and street fighting.  In tournament kumite, for example, contestants are competing under controlled […]

Timing it Right

Timing it Right The art of timing in battle is recognizing when it is the right time to attack and taking advantage of it immediately. The correct time is when there is a suki (gap) in your opponent’s posture. Whenever you see or create it, drive in and strike your opponent before he has a […]

The Shotokan Tiger

The Shotokan Tiger When Master Gichin Funakoshi created our system of martial arts, he chose the tiger as the animal symbol to represent Shotokan.  He chose it because it signified strength, power, and tenacity. In those days, Japan was full of artisans and craftsmen.  He could very easily have the tiger drawn to show it […]


Rhythm The rhythm that applies to Karate is rhythm in the movements necessary to execute a proper technique. The Karate student must learn from the beginning that the three most important elements in Karate Techniques are: KIME at the right time, the CONTROL of speed and the FLUID movement of the body from one technique […]

The Kiai Part II

The Kiai – Part II The kiai is much more than a loud yell.  The correct kiai begins internally and is the result of proper kime (focus).  The kiai is initially created by contracting the abdominal muscles, pushing the internal organs inward, contracting the ribs and chest, there by compressing the lungs, and forcing air […]

The Kiai – Part I

The Kiai – Part I Ki = “Psycho-physical energy??? using breath, spirit, body and mind to perform at will to create, heal, or destruct. Ai = “Union, reunion.???  When one or more individuals are confronting a situation of conflict, opposition or agreement, they find themselves in harmony. Ki-Ai = “The meeting together or union of […]

Power & Speed

Power & Speed Every human being has the potential for tremendous speed and power. However, the civilized world we live in can make us rather lazy; it can stiffen our bodies and freeze our minds, so we don’t realize the potential we have. Karate does not attempt to build power and speed, but tries to find the potential […]

Karate & Ibuki Breathing

Karate & Ibuki Breathing KARATE is the mental concentration and synchronization of the body. The point of contact with the target must be focused and supported by the entire body, locked at its utmost. The body supporting the blow must also be standing firmly on the ground at the moment of impact. For example, in the […]

Introduction to Karate Do

Introduction to Karate Do Karate has been increasing in popularity during the past thirty years, but there have been some misinterpretations of what Karate and Karate-do really is. Karate has been confused with kick boxing, point tournaments, board breaking and recently with acting. If Karate is practiced for the purpose of fighting, then it becomes […]