Basic Techniques & Karate-Do

Karate-Do is the art of self-defense, an exercise, and a sport. However, the most important aspect in the development of perfecting one’s character is through the perfection of techniques. Blocks, punches and kicks are the basic Karate techniques learned as a beginner. Students can be easily introduced to these few basic movements in a short time. It is interesting to note that the difficulties in the development of character lie in the patience and repetition it takes to master these techniques correctly. The impatient student that pursues Karate-Do training is the type that will quit training prematurely. Impatient people want instant results and look for an easy way out; they lack what it takes to endure the test of time.

The essence of Karate techniques is kime which begins with a correct technique, and ends with maximum power in the shortest time possible. Therefore, the student must practice regularly and patiently, applying intense concentration and effort in the performance of each technique. However, regular practice alone will not achieve this objective unless the training is done correctly. Students must learn the correct techniques under a qualified Sensei and on a scientific  level, not just a physical one. Karate training is considered scientific only when it is properly scheduled and systematically incorporates correct physical and physiological principles. Surprisingly, a comparison of Karate techniques created and refined by our old masters in the past are consistent with modern scientific principles of today. Further refinement is possible, so we must continually analyze our techniques in order to improve. However, we must be careful not to change our techniques prematurely to suit our needs according to exhibitions and tournament rules. Allowances can be made for physical differences in individuals. There will always be attempts or claims to increase speed and power, but there is little or no reason to modify our basic Shotokan techniques which are proven to work efficiently for their intended purpose.

No matter how long you have been practicing Karate, there will always be a time and a place to go back to the basics. Every Karate dojo must have a philosophy. Living our Dojo Kun emphasizes the true meaning of sportsmanship in and outside the dojo. We each pledge a fundamental oath to become a better person. As Gichin Funakoshi so wisely states: “The  ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of of character of  its participants.???